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#CheckInWithMe: Pick a Light 💡🕯️


Pick a Light💡🕯️

Let’s lift each other up today! Choose a light and follow the prompt that goes with it.

🕯️: What’s a helpful (and practical) piece of advice you’ve been given in the past?

💡: What helps you to stay grounded and continue moving forward?

My Reflection

This advice kind of answers both questions 🕯️💡. I remember my ninth grade English teacher telling me once that when reading a book, stop looking at how much you have left to read and just focus on the page you’re on. This stuck with me because it helps me check in on myself and focus/ground my energy on right now. It’s often easy for me to want to know what’s going to happen next, so only prioritizing on today calms my anxiety and allows me to let go of future expectations.

You can also find this prompt here in the Check In With Me group on The Mighty!

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