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Motivation By SparklyWarTanks: New Worksheets

So excited to share the student and mental health tools I’ve recently added to my Etsy shop MotivateBySWT! 

  1. Navigating self-care printable worksheet packet
  2. Task organization chart.        
  3. Everyday Mindfulness Worksheets.                         
  4. Essay Outline Template    
  5. 2 Version Daily Schedule Slip                                        
  6. Stress level check-In and reflection worksheets

Etsy shop link: MotivateBySWT

Visit MotivateBySWT on where you can find: 

  1. Motivational, affirmation, mindfulness, and mantra stickers.                             
  2. Mood Trackers  
  3. Everyday mental health, self-care, mindfulness and reflection worksheets.         
  4. Student mental health, scheduling and organization tools 

If you have any original quotes, mantras, affirmations, or kind words you would like to make into a sticker or even a worksheet idea please let me know! 
With love and light, SparklyWarTanks 

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Etsy shop link: MotivateBySWT

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