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Sometimes she liked the sound glass made when it hit the ground
There’s something about shattered glass that made her crazy seem less chaotic
Her crazy made darkness into indigo and blood blossom into dripping roses
Her crazy dead in the silence of the morning moisture, laying wide eyes under the red white and orange horizon, flat on her back a new cycle of 24, her crazy
Her crazy stiff like paralysis untouchable, unlike the craziness around her,
How crazy was she that she dreamt and the ideas in her head jumbled into a mush of oblivion beauty, how the meadows were such a fresh green scent, a bed of flowers rushing out of her veins and out of into the concrete, making cities back into forests
The nature in the natural
How she saw death caress the goosebumps of the morning fears but life coming to rescue and recreating, the crazy came again, and lately confusion is normality
The thing about crazy is its many masks of reality, like Plato in the cave, our ignorance so bliss we can cut it with a knife, staring at our own illusions and unable to see
The light
The gray in the black and white
She was crazy
She didn’t believe anymore, the ink in the lies, feeding her the spoon of perceived truth, but was it really truth?
She spat out depression and threw up anxiety because deception caused the stigma that she was crazy
Mental illness was what they said caused her hesitancy because her ignorance before walked her down the aisle of matrimony, but reality divorced her, nothing is definite and she can’t trust
Now she is just crazy
The color in the black and white
The unanswerable questions
The abyss of uncertainty
Sometimes she liked the sound glass made when it hit the ground
There’s something about shattered glass that made her crazy seem less chaotic
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Bulletin Board January 2017: Control

 Control wp-image-951898017jpg.jpeg 20170121_000452-1.jpg img_20170127_034523_387.jpg

Be in control at all times.  Don’t allow anyone or anything control how you see or deal with a situation or circumstance. You know how to deal with struggle so allow your experiences to guide your moves and your mindset  Despite it getting difficult and tiring, relax and think everything through.  Control yourself! Don’t allow situations to bring out anger, bitterness, or resentment. Walk away if you have to.  You are in control.

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Freedom Quote: Wage War on Invasive Thoughts


5 Steps to winning the war against invasive thoughts.


Wage War


Leave a Warning to Others

Walk Away

You have all the power and ability to change your mind and shift the negative energy and make it go away for good.  Don’t give the invasive thoughts the power to take over your mind and make you feel insane.  You are in charge of your sanity and negativity can not take your own autonomy and self-control.  Switch it up right when you feel it creeping up.  Don’t allow your mind to turn on itself.  You are in control.  You will always be in charge. Time to take back your mind. Declare the war. You will win.

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WarZone Quote: You Will Always Have a Choice


Don’t unpack your bags in a place that will harm your progress and make you feel like you don’t deserve better.  Settling in dangerous territory will only open your wombs and create chaos in your mind. Better is always and will always be an option.  Staying in toxic places and situations is a step backwards.  Move forward in your already achieved progress.  Don’t put your things down until you know its for your betterment.

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Be Extreme 

Maybe its because I’m obsessed with extremes that I’m able to believe in maximum potential even when other people don’t. 

Even when it appears undoable, just the thought and possibility in something great is the backbone to change and innovation.

Unless we think outside the box or normality nothing new will come out of an idea.

Be revolutionary, be an outcast. 

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I, the Spectator: Create and Destroy


I, the spectator

See the world a canvas

An empty canvas

Where we see, we feel in our own perspective

The world is but a perception of the spectator

We create the stories

The stories of the people we encounter

The Landscapes we see

and the moments we capture

I, the spectator rule over anything I place on my empty canvas

The spectator quiet and observing

Creates and Destroys

In our own heads, through our own eyes

We are the creator and  the creation

We speculate and we analyze

We criticize and we televize

Just passing by

We view

We observe

We witness

We look

We recreate everything that is perceived

We are the spectators

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I Set Free My Quarantined Sanity

My nerves spilled and scattered on the pavement

I couldn’t gather them as I trudged and dragged my exhaustion to class that day

Last October

I carried what I could of last night’s sleep, maybe 3 hours, and the anxiety, a monster growing in the pit of my stomach drowning me till the world seemed like a blurry smudge painting

My last year of college came to me like a ton of bricks delivered to my front doorstep

My life turned into a war since I started to worry








My perfectionist tendencies paired with the thoughts of deadlines…no motivation…and a fear of tomorrow.  It made a nice soup ready for panic, don’t you think?

I stirred myself daily but still seemed to make it to every class, do every assignment, and manage a research project

That’s how I was last year

I sat in a office with a woman I told myself to maybe once a week hoping that my fear of living will transform into something else 

That’s how I was last year

When I reminisce and think back, I feel how I felt, that numb yet nervous feeling

I can still feel it there, lingering 

Last year, I didn’t want to wake up to the sun rising and I didn’t triumph for completing 3 years of college


I dreaded the thought of every day coming, long days turning into long nights, a hungry stomach, and the quarantine I built around my sanity

That was last year

I don’t know how I seemed to make it a whole year later though 

In the midst of the strains and labor pains of reality, I managed to give birth to a project

This project spiraled in me October of 2015 until it was born

I named her SparklyWarTanks

I made her to fight back 

To win the war

To let my sanity free

Every time I wrote something I saved myself and I took another ingredient out of the soup 

I typed, pounded my fingers on my keyboard, to explain the motive for the birth of something new in me

I wanted to save another woman’s life while saving my own too

I wanted to burst out and say:

“Take care of yourself, take care of your mind, and your body!”

“You are important and you matter.”

“You are powerful and worthy, and beautiful.  You don’t need anyone to tell you.”

Of course those were messages I needed someone to tell me, but instead I became the billboard

The more I wrote, the more I felt the walls crumbling, the walls crowding and containing my sanity were falling

I found the key to the cage of my anxiety which surrounded my quarantined sanity

In october of 2016, grown into an adult, SparklyWarTanks evolved into a vision, into a foundation for women empowerment and mental health, one project exploded into a space, a place, a sanctuary to be safe

My anxiety transformed its face into the partner of ideas and the employer of a plan, it turned into passion.
So as I write, I write to the woman who hates herself and to the one with depression, I write to the woman with the eating disorder and to the ones living on the streets, I’m writing to the ones going through a midlife crisis and self-realization, I write to the mother and to the survivor, I write to the women who hurt and the ones who are stressed, I write to the powerful women and the ones making a difference, I write to the lawyers, and doctors, and writers, and motivators, and to our future

I write to support our next generation of women

That we stand up for ourselves and never hold our sanity hostage

That we declare our independence from expectation and perfectionism

That we defend ourselves and fight for our will to wake up peacefully and unafraid

If I could sum up how I’ve changed from last year to this year, I would simply say

I let my sanity free

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New Year Same Me

This year is not a year of new things, its a year of continuation. We keep telling ourselves that we will start something and we never do. We tell ourselves things will be different but yet we stay the same. Why is that? Instead of feeding ourselves false dreams and goals, a new illusion, we should instead tell ourselves we must let go what holds us back and keep doing what keeps us going. We must do more of our passions and work on taking away our miseries. Our goals should build based on what we already accomplished and not add to the list of unaccomplished empty nothingness. This year is a year we work with ourselves. We love ourselves. We care for ourselves. Do things that we have to do.

This is the year we put ourselves first before anyone else because we are important too. This year will start a series of connections and links that will build to a point where we can’t be put down over the same tired circumstances and situations.

This year is a year of continuous building and tearing. We’ve been through a transition, now we work with the change.