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Freedom Quote: Ignite Your Power


I felt it bubbling inside, so I locked it away

It felt like a monster waiting to show its face

When I took out my pen and started to write, there it was again

The monster, my passion, my power it was locked within

I’m still afraid to let it out, I have to keep it in

Who knows what will happen when I let it roam free

I can’t let that monster out, the power inside of me


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Let Love in Again 

I see how hurt changed you and made you block happiness from coming in. I see how your mannerisms have shifted and how you act like nothing will ever be different. But you see, something good will happen and it will be just for you. Let it in when it does. Pain and hurt shouldn’t last forever. Letting it persist is a choice. Whatever it is, whatever has happened, whatever they did, let it go, don’t blame or push away good that’s coming to you. You have to be happy. You have to let the opportunity in, for your sake. You need to set yourself free from that misery.  Let love in. Let it help you feel again.

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The Girl in the Shadow: Introduction



Here is an introduction to a series of short stories I will write.  The Girl in the Shadow is a part of my creative process to grasp and understand what its like to be an introvert and an empath.  Two new concepts to me.  Also a part of SparklyWarTanks’ Writing to Heal, this writing will be both encouraging, bazaar, fictional, and autobiographical.  She is something new to me.

And I tell the story of the girl in the shadow. She sees and feels everything, from the hurts that you feel to the tears that have dried away. She encourages those who are often forgot about and left to decay in their own sad minds and weary souls. She tells the stories of those left behind and outcast. 

Shes in the shadows observing.  Shes an introvert but feels all that is around her, the vibration of the strangers, the betrayal of friends, and struggles of her family.  She’s empathic and can’t help but know the emotions and strains of those around her. An energy she can’t escape.  She’s been running for so long, but now she just sits, watches, and writes.  She writes down the emotions and hurt, and flips it.  She carries with her in silent prayers the promised happiness and hope lost and buried with the dead end situation and crusted forgiveness. She’s the stranger rooting for you and the one who cries when you find yourself lonely. She feels for you when you feel the most alone. She knows how it feels. No one sees her either. 

She’s learning what it means to be outside and to be strange.  To not fit in. She’s learning what love is, and hate, and fear.  She’s learning pain, and grief, and depression and anxiety.  She’s learning what’s shes known all her life except this time she sees it in other people. 

The Girl in The Shadow Introduction