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No One is Ever Broken 

While its often the case that we struggle on a daily basis about things that bother us, things we can’t change, things that we continuously mourn over, cry over, and can’t let go, its also true that we can never, contrarily, truly be broken.  Struggling with the past, present, and future anxieties often burden our psyches, sometimes even on a physical, emotional and psychological level (as we can see with mental illness being unable to balance the three) we don’t know how to deal with the idea of constant changes and shifts in our lives.  Because of this, I realized feeling a sense of “brokenness” before, that it’s only the “trapped” sensation that we can’t deal with.  

It’s an in between mentality of the before and the unwillingness to change or move on thats the feeling of brokenness.  Its a stuck sensation. The inability to move or make progress.  Not being able to effectively process to a next level in character and being.  Its not being able to let go of the past that is depression, or fearing the future anxiety, or even effectively dealing with emotion bipolar disorders that is the inability to process and deal with the pains and strains around you. It’s not being able to go back to ones once happy stage or comfortable life style or not coping correctly with pain that hinders us from moving on.

By moving on, I dont mean neither forgetting or carrying it with you wherever you go, but instead growing and learning from the experiences that builds character and willingness to become better and stronger. Healthy means of coping means using your life styles, ideologies, and perspectives to break past the window of pain and hardship and using it as a weapon to open your past perspective into something new and more developed.  It’s the spreading of universal happiness and peace, the helping of other people, and the acceptance that you can deal with the pains you endure.  Its important to try not to over exaggerate the current and live in only the present giving yourself enough to endure at the moment of existence. 

We are not broken to the extent of being unable to grow past the weeds of going too far in the past or too deep in the future, but living currently using the past as something learned and the future as on the pursuit of goals.  Don’t feel broken or lost because we just need the current moment to survive and the resources to maintain our livelihood.  Always live for the self now and do what you can now and appreciate the ability to be presently aware.

No one is ever really broken.

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To My “Nice Girls”

I heard it all too often that I’m nice, too nice and I shouldn’t be this nice because people would take advantage or walk all over me.  I heard it and I heard it a lot. I recently got another reminder.  So this is for my kind hearted nice girls. 

You are jewels and not because you are able to remain and contain your good character in the mist of a pessimistic, narcissistic, and selfish world but because you remain true to who you want to be to others.  None-conforming to the hurt that I’m sure you may have endured, you still contain the strength and persistence to be kind and approachable.  

You are not weak.  I repeat you are not weak! It takes more to be kind and “nice” and sweet especially when we are often encountered by people who are not much so what you are.  

Do not change and let the negativity  turn you bitter.  Nice does not mean gullible or naive.  Nice does not mean dependent or ignorant.  Nice does not mean you allow people to take advantage.  I rather not even use the word nice.  Its simplifies the character trait few people are able to contain in most hostile environments.  

Maintain your humanity.  Do not let people take advantage while still keeping your cool.  Don’t let others take your peace of mind, but also know when to hold your ground and fight back.  You can still remain who you are while defending yourself and your sanity.  Know when to end things.

Being “nice” is not a bad trait.  It shows that you still want to resonate peace and goodness in often broken and hurt spaces you encounter.

You are strong and independent.  The world needs more people like you.

Kindness is Not a Weakness
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Making Sense: Recycling Pain 

Its about that time when you think of everything…

everything thats ever hurt you…
you wallow in the reminiscent pain of every memory…
past and present collide to create a mesh of oblivious insanity…
numb to reality you fall asleep in a bed of a black and white rainbow…
you fall asleep so your subconscious could pick up the pieces and create a story…
Dreams that hardly make sense because…
Because not even your unconscious mind can comprehend the severity of repression…
Push the pain back in until the next night….
The next night when you think of everything…

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Overthinking Kills Happiness 
  • If its out of your control don’t overthink.
  • If you can’t do anything about it don’t overthink.
  • If it’s something you’re waiting for don’t overthink.
  • If it’s about someones actions or feelings toward you don’t overthink.
  • If the situation or circumstance isn’t getting better don’t overthink.
  • Let it go don’t overthink.
  • It’s not your fault don’t overthink.
  • You did your best don’t overthink.
  • Let life happen don’t overthink.
  • Don’t worry or create unrealistic scenarios in your head don’t overthink.
  • Don’t overthink.
  • Don’t overthink.
  • Don’t overthink.

The worse thing you can do is make yourself unhappy or miserable by overthinking.  Just let things be.  Stay calm.  Keep moving on.  Don’t look back or overthink things that don’t need extra thought.  It’s okay to leave it as it is.

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I Wrote This Today…

When I write, I just write.  No restraints.  No self-criticism.  I just let it out.  Its my feelings, fears, and worries spilled out. This is what I wrote today:

I’m always alone making these big decisions and big one giving me advice or telling me what’s best for me…so I guess my biggest fear is doing something wrong or disappointing someone..disappointing myself…I guess I just want someone to root for me..tell me to keep going because Lord knows I want to give up really bad…feeling real worthless…its like all this life in front of me but nothing…nothing at all…I have to dig to find things of my interest…things that I like… I feel out of the ordinary…really different from everyone…what I like…do people even care? I don’t fit in anywhere

It’s funny because I just started doing this “writing to heal” thing.  Writing therapy.  Its like talking to yourself without the actual talking to yourself because people will think you’re crazy.  But anyway the trouble has been in my face all summer and I don’t know, the fear has been stronger and the loneliness heavy.  I didn’t expect adulthood to feel like this.  Along with other personal struggles I just want things to go right in one area of my life but its really difficult.  I always want to fix something or make someone feel better, see someone smile, but I’ve been terribly miserable in my head with all this worrying, fear, and self-doubt.  I just hope things get better, I want to be better because theres nothing worse than a broken self-image of change.  I just want to be great and feel great. With being alone making these decisions, I want to be confident and ready.  But I’m not.  I want things to go right.  I want life to go right.

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From Now On…

Please love yourself today, and everyday after.  Find value in who you are and strength in your own character.  Talk positive about your body and your life.  Nothing will ever be what we want ideally, but its what we have.  Appreciate the opportunity of life, relationships, and love.

Appreciate all that you have gone through and don’t be scared of the future to come, the stuff thats ahead.  

Be happy.  Smile. Be brave. Be honest with yourself.  Change things you don’t like.  Don’t give anyone your happiness and work on your own masterpiece.  The interaction between your heart and your mind.  Peace of mind.  Peace of heart. Peace of body. Peace of soul.

Work to focus on yourself and keep your eyes on internal growth and prosperity.  Keep calm and keep forward.  Don’t live in the past or worry about the future. 

Work is due today, right now on your happiness and self-appreciation.  

You are needed.

You are wanted.

You are important.

You are powerful.

You are an individual.

To Whoever Doesn’t Think They’re Good Enough 

I would say its been a hard day.  Not because anything bad has happened, but because I’ve constantly been thinking.  Thinking too much about stuff.  About me.  About everything.  About everyone.  Situations.  Circumstances. So I decided that I have to write something. This is to those who think they’re not good enough (I’m also talking directly to myself).

Don’t lie to yourself.  You’re more then capable and worthy of anything.  Anything you want.  Anything you need is already yours.  All thats in your way is you and work, but work can be done with effort, determination and motivation. You are the only one who can believe you can and reach whatever is it you’re striving for.

You are good enough.

You are good enough for that love, bravery, compassion, and care you might not be fully giving yourself the credit for.  Believe with one instant thought that you can and go for it.  Not to impress anyone, or to get anything out of it, but to show yourself that you’re good enough and those negative thoughts of can’t obviously were hindrances. 

You are good enough.

You are good enough to apply for things and get it.  If things don’t work out it has nothing to do with your capabilities.  You are needed some place else.  Try again.  Don’t for one second give up or stop believing in who you are.

You are good enough and will never be less than what you see yourself doing or achieving.

As a matter of fact, you are better than good enough.  You are overly capable and able.

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