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Why is Why Important [11/23/15]

The word why in capital letters with a question mark in black with a white and faded blue background
The word why as a question. Original Photo.

About 5 days ago I laid in my bed after a long and tiring day.  As I laid in bed I struggled to see the reasons why I’m in school.  You know, like those moments where you ask yourself why.  The why for me in that moment came down like a ton of bricks.  I felt like I wasn’t good enough to be where I am in life, in school.  I started doubting myself and asking questions about whether I’m doing as good as I thought in my classes.  I just felt horrible and I didn’t know why the doubt and confusion struck me so hard.  It was hard to tell myself, Nina its okay!  You’re doing your best and that’s all you can give.

Now that I reflect on that moment, on a time that I felt worthless, powerless, and doubted my potential, I see that where I am in life itself represents what I can do and where I can go if I work on myself along with taking opportunities that can help me reach where I want to go in my future.

Although the why’s that pop up randomly sometimes make us think critically about our current position, where we are, and if we are actually making progress toward our true potential, they help us to see that we are going somewhere!  Going somewhere, whether it’s small, whether it’s moving toward saying I’m okay today, I appreciate myself today, I’m beautiful today, I made it through work today, I can today is meaningful progress.  Those why’s can be so blurry, but when they become clearer so does realizing your path and potential.

Stay positive and keep going!

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Ted Talk: Roxane Gay on Feminism

I’m not saying that you have to be a feminist to show your true potential, nor do you have to agree with everything Roxane Gay has to say, but she does a brilliant job at showing her views!  She’s says she’s a “bad feminist,” but she is beautiful and amazing at realizing and showing her potential through her views on women and ways in which she sees the world through her eyes.

Potential revealed through words and perspective.

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Potential, Power, and Worth

It’s not always easy realizing the power and worth you have. Potential is revealed through hard work and dedication, but if you are not willing or motivated to push past boundaries to see your fullest potential then it’s difficult to see yourself as anything but average. I’m here to say that your power and worth is greater than what you see yourself to be. Your worth is built up on the ability, your ability, to strive and reach for your maximum potential. The more you see yourself worthy, the more your power and potential is manifested in the way you walk, talk, and carry out even the smallest everyday tasks.

Strive to find that power. Strive to see that worth. Strive to reach your fullest potential! Potential does not have to mean strain and it doesn’t have to mean running a marathon, or becoming tired, potential is everything that makes you YOU! Potential is your capacity to show the worth who you are, to show yourself that you can be who you want to be despite societal expectation. Potential can mean the way you discuss your passions to a stranger, potential can mean the way you communicate with your family and friends, potential can mean the way you love yourself enough to keep going to work or school even though you are struggling. Potential gives birth to self-worth and power in oneself. Giving yourself freedom to live and be yourself is manifested potential. Not everyone is able to realize their worth and power because they have given up their fight on potential.

Being yourself, loving yourself, valuing yourself, and finding worth in who you are and what you can bring forth in encountering tasks and people you meet shows your potential and your power.

Show everyone what you are made of!

Louise L. Hay Quote on Power. Used from Google images.
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The 9 Step “I got this” Challenge

Quote Repeat
“I can do this.” Taken from Google images.

Step 1: Wake up a couple minutes earlier then usual

Step 2: Do Not think of anything negative that pertains to the day that is to follow

Step 3: Stretch and take several deep breaths

Step 4: Get out of bed

Step 5: Do what you normally do in the morning (i.e brush your teeth, take a shower, get ready for work/school/the day)

Step 6: Say three times “I Got This!” (actually mean it)

Step 7: Eat breakfast!

Step 8: Think of the first two task you have to complete

Step 9: Leave your home or start your work or morning tasks wherever  or whatever that may be

Although this challenge may seem simplistic and purposeless, the goal of the challenge is to set a positive tone for the day.  While you are breathing, stretching and waking up in the morning, you are setting the scene for how the day will play out.  If you declare that you will have a positive day, then the day will turn out great.  Just by doing your regular morning routines with a positive mindset you are able to  push through any obstacles that may be waiting for you throughout the day.  By saying “you got this,” everything will be seen in a brighter light.  Doing these simple tasks  are just a step toward a more productive you.  Do this every day and you will begin to see that you want to wake up in the morning.

Even though you may be tired and you don’t want to continue on, just telling yourself that you can get up and get the day started helps! Start off your day thinking about only the immediate things, like the things you have to do in the next few hours, don’t think about the whole day.  Chop up your day and think about only the moment you are in.

You can do it! You got this!!




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You Got This!

In reflecting about the topic and main focus of this weeks posts, I decided to say these three words

to who ever may come across this post: YOU GOT THIS!  No matter what you may think or feel in your current situation, no matter how cumbersome of tiresome your day to day or weekly tasks may be, you are able to get everything done and done well.

For the past few months I’ve been bombarded with classwork and homework along with working on my research and grad school applications.  I’ve had several  break downs and have felt stressed to the point where I just sit in my bed with no energy just worried about everything.  This technique, in case you haven’t already noticed, is extremely ineffective!  Instead of just laying in bed and basking in the ambiance of my misery, all I needed to do was get up dust off my doubts, lack of motivation, and self pity and say I got this.  Of course, its not always easy just to get up and continue to keep going and push through your everyday struggles, but you can do it!  You’ve been doing it!

I believe that you can break through and shatter all that is holding you back from your greatest potentials.  In order to do this, however, you must first believe that you are able and you are so just get up from your bed of tired, helpless, and hopeless thoughts.  You got it!

Keep Calm Image. Used from Google Image.
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Mirror Challenge!


I challenge you this week to look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are worthy and beautiful everyday for the rest of the year.  Take a deep breath and proclaim that you are what you see in the mirror.   Putting your feelings to the side as well as your self-doubt, low self-esteem and anything that will hider you from seeing yourself for the beauty that is in front of you say and believe that beauty is standing in front of you.

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SparklyTips: Self-Image

We are all different, we are all capable of whatever we choose to put our minds to!  Do not let anyone’s perceptions of themselves project onto you.

A hand with thumb nail painted teal holding teal nail polish with a polka dot top on a gray and orhanfe rug with three rings on the ground.
Holding Sparkly Teal Nail Polish and Rings. Original Image


  • Don’t let anyone’s judgements get to you or make you feel uncomfortable about yourself.  You know who you are and what you value.
  • Acknowledge that you may have things to work on in regards to self-value and worth so let those things be motivational points of reference.
  • Appreciate the things that stand you out.  Those things specify who you are.
  • Embrace how different you are.  The way you walk, communicate, and express yourself can only be done by you!
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The Path to Appreciating What you See and Feel [10/31/15]

So, I’m not skinny; I have big hips and a gut. I don’t have straight teeth. My complexion is anything but flawless. I have a little acne and my hair is crazy curly and sometimes frizzy. Yet it’s okay. It’s taken me my whole life just to be okay with my self-image. Self-image is in my hands and in the hands of no one else. For a long time I thought all the things I listed above were major flaws, major things that made me unattractive. They are not! If you put all of those things together, then you get me!

I remember being six years old and hating the depth of my voice. I hated listening to myself speak in fear that people would wonder why my voice is so deep. I would ask my mother “ma, why do I sound like a man?” I laugh at this now because it’s one of the things I love about myself. My voice and its depth is why I’m able to sing low alto notes and create the tone I want when performing my spoken word pieces. My voice is how people understand who I am. My voice is how people identify me. I love my voice!

As long as you can appreciate and value every aspect of your character then nothing can penetrate your self-love. Everything that people might judge, question, or criticize about you is everything that you need to love about yourself.

You are beautiful. Everything about you is beautiful.

Quote stating
Quote by Dr. Joyce Brothers Postie Self-Image is the best Preparation. Taken from