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Challenge: What did I just say? Yes! No One Does it like Me!

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I challenge you to say five positive things about yourself this week. 

The more positive things you say to yourself, the more you believe and accept that what you say is true.  Walk with pride in your own walk and purpose.

Suggestion??!!! Why are you awesome?

Think about:

  • What you find yourself doing well all the time?
  • What do you like to do?  [Most likely that what makes you awesome!]
  • What is a feature, physically, that you think makes you beautiful, pretty, or unique?
  • Did you achieve something this week?  What did you do?!
  • Fun Facts????
  • What are some of your talents?  You doing your talent is distinctly unique because no one does it like you!
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What Just Happened?: Inside that Small Room [10/21/15]

I sat in a small room, where a person sat in front of me and asked me questions about my life. Assuming they cared, I talked. I blurted out everything I remembered from my childhood. This room, these closed walls, were the barriers that separated me from the rest of the world. The walls were an odd off white color, I slouched on a light blue couch. I signed papers, the squiggly lines that say “Yes, I allow and I understand.” I signed my name a million times giving them permission to use my story to help other people. I sat and I thought, sat and thought until the words I wanted to use came up from my brain and out of my mouth. I twiddled my fingers, took my mood ring on and off. My mood ring was 3 colors at once. Blue. Yellow. Red. Never really understood how easy it was talking to a stranger. Someone I didn’t know, just blurting out my story to them. Did they care? When an hour or so passed, we stopped. Stopped in a way where there were no exchange of words, no comfort, no anything, no “it will be okay.”

I didn’t feel relief after I left the small room. They said I will feel better, right? After sitting in this small room with a ear that listened but didn’t say much, I didn’t know how to feel at first. I sought help for the anxious feelings I’ve been having. That’s it. I feel like the world is on my shoulders, you know, because its senior year and I don’t know where my life is heading or going.

The small room. Its kind of like how it is in my head almost. Where I think I will get comforted, but instead I’m constantly thinking about everything and nothing at the same time.

What I did understand in that small room, however, was everything has a source and a reason. When I say everything, I mean, the way you think about the world, how you handle situations, the ways you think and why you think about them has sources and communicating with others help bring those things out into reality. Communicating, although it may seem pointless depending on who your communicating with, allows you to reach and navigate through the sources within yourself. Don’t be afraid to communicate with someone. I didn’t want to talk. I thought I was fine in my own head, but then that lead me to misunderstandings about my actions and feelings. Why is my self-esteem low? Why do I talk negative to myself sometimes? I learned that we, as people, as conscious people, have to let things out. We have to understand why.

Tip: Go and communicate. It’s okay.

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You Really Should Take Your Own Advice and I Really Should Take my Own Too

Isn’t it bizarre that it’s easier to tell someone something and want them to take that advice, but when it comes to ourselves, we can’t seem to apply it to our own lives?  This seemed to be my motive for creating this blog.  I want women to love themselves, cherish, and appreciate who they are because I also want these things for myself.  No matter how society thinks we should be, or who our guardians think we should be,  what religion says we should be, the only thing that matters is who we believe we should be.  Creating wholeness in our self is important and we all should strive for it!

I remember someone asking me once “what is something you like about yourself?”  All I could think of is ways I treat other people.  I said “ummm well I’m empathetic towards others I guess, and I’m a loyal friend.”  What is wrong with what I said?  I didn’t say things that relate to me and only to me.  I’m in that process I’ve realized.  The process in which I internalize the positive things I like about myself and say it to other people, you know, like the part of your resume where you write good attributes about yourself.  What makes you good at being you?  Would you hire yourself if you interviewed your current self?  I’m learning to say things like, “I love myself,” I think I’m smart, and talented, and beautiful.”

I want you to journey with me in my self-appreciation process.  If you find yourself thinking negatively about yourself in any way, or you even find someone else saying negative things about you, just remember you are who you are and even you can’t prohibit how great of a person you are now and who you will become.

Note to self: I am a Woman and I am Beautiful

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